Why don't I need tools?

Fast Fit® tray stands are made with a unique toolless interlocking feature allowing the parts to be assembled by hand.

What types of trays fit?

All major brand trays fit our Fast Fit® tray stands universal design.

How much weight does the Fast Fit® tray stand support?

Fast Fit® tray stands are HEAVY DUTY constructed from 1/16" inch cold rolled steel, with extra support bars available for extreme duty applications.

So I really don't need any tools?

The Fast Fit® stand design is made with a very tight tolerance, it may be necessary to use a little force to lock all the parts in place. A rubber mallet works well.

What accessories are available?

We have a wide array of options to tailor build your Fast Fit® tray stand to your individual application allowing easy modification as your needs change.

Where can I purchase Fast Fit® tray stands and accessories?

Fast Fit® tray stands are available through your local Hawthorne Gardening Company dealer (see website for further details).